help me help my brother in law

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by darkshadow, Jan 14, 2006.

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    well my brother in laws truck got brokeninto again, the other day some one smashed his window, stole his sterom amp and sub, and his digital cam.

    figgers it was the jiffy lube guys around the corner, as they know where he lives and what he has, i mean they got everything with out even opening the door, and the sub was behind the seat.

    i sorta searves him right haveing crome 20's on a step side work truck (if you can call it that.

    any way i was calling around tryinh to find him a passenger window, as he only has poly on it now and itis raining.

    it is a 2000 chevy pick up maybe 2001, but it should still be the same.

    if anyon has a line on one it would be a big help.

    I called some local yard but with no luck,i figgered the locals would kow a little better.

    near the vally is the best, thanks brothers

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