help me help my friend buy a 4x

Discussion in 'Other Rides' started by aaaaggh, Oct 31, 2001.

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    May 4, 2001
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    my bud is going to look at a cj7 this weekend. hes been driving a saturn since he was 16 and hes sick of it. (23 now) i wont be able to go with him to check it out so im making a list of things for him to specificly look at or at least sound like he knows what hes talking about when he askes about them. ive never tried to make up a list like this before so it would be very helpful if yall could add anything to my list, other than "dont let him buy a jeep", or whatever. sorry if my quadratrac comment steps on anyones toes but hes not the kinda guy that will figure out how to maintain it right.

    1 hard or soft top?...........soft tops are rather cold in winter but they kick ass in summer time
    2 transfer case.......... dana300 good quardratrac bad---- these like to pop chains and eat front ends.
    3 is it blowing any oil out the tail pipe?
    4 do the tires actually fit on it or are they way to big?
    5 it a ba-10? ba-10= bad if an auto is a it a th400? th400 good
    6 will it go into 4x4 and does 4x4 work?
    7 are the contact areas in the clutch linkage totally worn dorn?
    6 does all the electrical stuff work? headlights turn signals brke lights
    7 what are all the mods?
    8 look all over for rust
    9 look all over for ****** rigging
    10 look around for bondo
    11 see if the guages work
    12 air? heat?

    would you mind un-wedging your fullsize from between those trees? your blocking the trail.
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    Totally depends on the year CJ. Dana 300s and quadratracs werent the only offered. And if it is a CJ, chances are things are differant in it. But check for rust around the rear spring hangers, the rear of the rear. Rust and rip away from the frame. Steering box mounts. Gas tank area. Bed area.

    Ken H.

    '85 K5 in process
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    Oct 17, 2001
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    man that beats my list mine would be
    1. dose it run?
    2.dose 4x4 work?
    thats all i would ask

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