Help Me Help You With Some Stock Spring Measurments!

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    I get a lot of questions concerning ride height after a shackle flip but invariably it is a result of the condition of the the stock rear leaf springs. I'm curious of the range of lifts people are getting on their stock rear suspension and I'm sure many of you would like to know how much or little your rear end is sagging (especially those of you with blocks). So, heres a good test for everyone.

    Park your truck on flat ground and measure the distances from the center of the spring eye bolts to the ground as well as the bottom of the leaf pack to the ground. You might take sepperate measurments off each side to cross compare as well. Last, include a little about the state of the truck at the time of the measurement, things that would effect weight.

    Example (of my ford 57" springs)
    Right Side Front Eye To Ground: 23.5"
    Right Side Bottom Of The Leaf Pack (Or Top Of Blocks) To Ground: 22.5"
    Right Side Rear Eye To Ground: 22"
    Scenario: No Top, No Spare, half tank gas, light bumper

    By adding the eye measurements together, dividing by 2 to get an average then subtracting the center measurement you will get a number everyone can compare to which is the arch.

    Example: (23.5 + 22) / 2 = 22.75
    22.75 - 22.5 = .25 or 1/4" loaded arch.

    For those people wishing to do spring swaps or other spring related modifications, these measurements can really help. Post what you get and lets see how much variance the stock springs reveal with each persons setup.

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