help me not get ripped off. (engine rebuild)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 77Blazer, Mar 19, 2002.

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    I want to rebuild my engine but have 0 mechanic skillz when it comes to the engine. So... im off to find a shop to rebuild it there is nothing major wrong with it but im looking for some more power i want around 310-320 ponies outta my 350 right now the only upgrades i have are dual exhaust (flowmasters) and heddman headers. So what is the pricing gonna be also include a new carb.

    note: i live in so sure not the cheapest place to get it done.


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    Good god if you take it in to a shop and want it rebuilt I hope ya bring a 5 gallon pail of Vasiline, ya want to mix in about 10lbs of rock salt with it for maximum effect.
    A few years ago when I was working on lil rigs the book time was about 30 hrs labor, then there is parts that are marked up 150%.
    What was yer name?? Ben Dover?
    Now for a guy with limited tools, and some sort of a working knowledge of stuff then CK5 is the place to be.
    I have seen more than a couple of guys walked through a rebuild here.
    For me I could build a respectible 350 for less than $800.
    But I also have everthing at my disposal to do so.
    If you want a warranty get a crate most places have good deals, I see one here in the paper that advertises 7 years 70K for $1050.
    But if ya want to upgrade then get a short block and research the place that you get it from because it won't have a warranty.
    But you can put on the heads that ya want and all the other goodies like intake and cam.
    When I was working at the one place and did a short block deal I always popped out the pistons and crank and reassembled it and made sure that it was ok.
    It cost me about 4-5 hrs of my own time and I was working flat rate but I was always comfortable with the fact that every one I sent out was a reliable engine.
    I sent back about 5 short blocks for various reasons in the year I worked there.
    I gotta say though, it gave me a warm fuzzy when a customer wanted me to rebuild his plant.
    I would tell them ya know it would be faster and cheaper to just get a crate, and they said I don't care I want you to build me one, this is what I have and this is what I want. I love to spend other peoples money. LOL
    Ahh hell I'm ramblin.
    See ya

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