HELP! Need assistance from someone in the Winston-Salem NC area

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by LittlePig, May 15, 2002.

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    I posted the same thing in the 73-91 forum (where most people seem to go) and I will put it here too, as this seems to be where Steve wants people to go if not actually discussing 73-91s (since the truck I am posting about is a 78, I think it qualifies). I found what I think is the perfect truck for me just north of Winston-Salem North Carolina. However, since I live up in New Hampshire, it is difficult to check it out before purchase. I need someone in the area who is willing to stop by and be my eyes, ears, and hands and make sure the truck isn't a lemon before I drive all the way down there to buy it. If at all possible, I would like this generous person to check it out this weekend, so I can go down next saturday and buy it. Please email/PM me or post here if you can do this, so I can get the address to you asap. I have an offer from a guy who is going down the 25th for a race, but that is a last resort because of the time lag. Please, can anyone help? We must have someone on this board who is in the area.

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