HELP - Need correct length for factory Drag Link!

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    I installed new ends for my drag link. I do not, however, know the proper length or method to adjust the draglink so the steering is maximized.

    I believe both ends should have the same amount of thread showing from outside the collar but I do not know the correct TOTAL length for the link.

    I installed the droped steering arm which may make a difference. So, if anyone has a 4" lift installed with the dropped arm and your steering IS CORRECT, please measure your draglink so I can adjust mine!


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    Any measurement you get will be wrong enough to not be worth anything.

    1) Wheels straight (dead straight...)
    2) Turn key to unlock the steering
    3) drag link disconnected
    4) Turn wheel all the way left
    5) From all the way left count the revolutions to full lock right
    6) Divide that number by two and turn the wheel back that amount, the steering box is now centered.
    7) Measure between the end of the pitman arm and the steering arm holes and adjust the draglink to this measurement.
    8) Do not tighten the adjuster sleeve yet
    9) Install draglink, it may need further adjustment to get it installed.
    10) Tighten the draglink ends to spec and check the steering wheel.
    11) If the wheel is off center one way or the other use a pipe wrench on the adjuster sleeve to adjust it until the wheel is straight.
    12) Tighten the adjuster sleeve bolts and take it for a drive. You may need to fine tune the adjustment a hair one way or the other...
    13) My draglink is 16 3/8" for comparison...

    After doing all this your steering wheel should be centered and you should have equal steering radius.


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