Help needed with lift/fender trim questions.

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    OK, here's the deal. I have a 14 bolt FF that I bought from Brians 60s, and will be doing a rear disc conversion on it. I am picking up a D60 the 2nd week of Jan, and then I'll be ready to start the major undertaking. I want to add an 8 inch lift, run 38 inch mudders, and still be able to drive it without getting vibrated to death. I am looking to gain as much knowledge about this as possible before I start. I was wondering if someone could tell me exactly what I'm headed for. Will I need to clock the axles to get better driveline angles, or will shims work? I know I'll need longer driveshafts, but will I need a CV in the rear? How much/how will I lower the transfer case? What other problems will I run into? I'd really appreciate all the help/tips that I can get. Also, can you tell me where to go to look for a good 8 inch suspension lift for a 1st gen? I don't want to get ripped off, but am willing to pay more for a better lift. I live in Texas, so I mostly mud, but some flex would be nice. Also, how hard would it be to do a crossover steering setup at the same time, and does anyone make a complete kit? I've done some searches on these subjects, but most of the results were for newer models, and I want to make sure that I get the right info/parts. Thanks again for the help.


    Shouldn't it be called uncommon sense?

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