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    Ok, to make a long story short my drain plug stripped, and when I was trying to cut new threads they damn pan buckled inward with the drain opening in the middle of the crease. Needless to say since there is no way that a plug will seal, it's time for a new pan. So here's the question. What pan's will fit an '88 350? Both Summit and Jeggs catalogs don't list anything for an '88. I would like to go ahead and install a 6 or 8qt pan. I know that I will need an extended pick-up and I'm planning on replacing the stock pump with a high volume one since the engine has over 100k on it. Hopefully if I can get an answer tonite, I can order the new on in the AM. Thanks all!

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    GM Perf Parts offers some one piece rear seal oil pans that offer increased capacity. I'd just call up the local dealer or you can check it out online at SD, Pace, or Otherwise you'll just have to look for the one piece rear main seal for the later 350's... these oil pans use a one piece rubber design gasket BTW.

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