help... possible 700r4 lockup problem

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    hi, i have an 85 k5 blazer w/ a 700r4. Recently my trucks started acting weird... it usually happened at higher speeds... 50 and up... but it has happened twice in the past two days below 30... once this morning going up hill, all other times on flat ground... i will be driving with the gas pedal down to maintain my speed or accelerate (but not stomping on the pedal) and it randomly makes like an air compressor noise and then a thunk... and it looses power for a sec.. but out of just reacting to it, i let off on the gas.. so i havent checked what happens if i held the pedal down.. if it has any power i mean... and then as i push back on the pedal it will start driving again... any help will be great...

    i was planning on replacing my body mounts and doing a body lift this summer and getting my driverside rocker/floor fixed within a few weeks... but if my trannies goin i'll have to do this instead... also if it is goin i planned on eventually swapping this tranny out to a better one anyways... which is the best tranny that i should get and if i need a new transfer case which would i need? (i have an np 208) and also any other parts i might need... and if it would be more worthwhile to go for this swap than possibly pay a huge rebuilt cost.... i have fairly limited budget... thanks again

    also sometimes the tranny will shift in and out of park to other gears kinda rough, and sometimes make my truck jump forward slightly... but others times it will shift in smooth and i'll barely notice it changed gears


    85 k5 blazer, 305 w/ full dual exhaust, 33'' tires, 4'' superlift springs, rs5000 shocks, k&n filtercharger, edelbrock carb

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