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    ok guys as some of you may know I'm trying to put this beast of mine back together, when I got it the wiring harness had been completely removed and a new smallblock was put in. So Question #1 I've got 2 green sensor wires one appears to go to pass side and one drivers side, I know one is temp what is the other, and where should I find the sensors on my block at? they are not obvious.
    Question #2 is I've got a small brown / tan wire on the drivers side coming out of the loom mounted on the firewall, conector looks like a sensor maybe, round style, anyway my best guess tracing it in my service manual says TCS SOL, whatever that is I believe it's circuit # 141 if someone has a service manual and any idea.
    ok sorry so long Question #3 on pass side firewall, I"ve got a group of 4 wires that have been cut off, colors I don't recall specifically black, black/white, blue, brown I think.
    sorry so long but I'm dying to get this thing running so I can drive it, thanks for all your help guys.

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    green goes to temp gauge, the other may be going to the tranny, the tan/brown wire may go to the brake prop valve.

    i would suggest getting a shop manual of some kind. it's worth it. I think someone has an wire schematic posted somewhere.


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    Looks like there are 2 sensors on the 350 block - one between 1-3 cylinders and the other between 6-8 cylinders and slightly below the spark plugs. You should have 2 spade terminals on green wires which connect to these sensors. What are they? The oil pressure is mechanical. Therefore, I assume, that one is for the temp gauge and the other for the Temp light (5 o'clock position on fuel gauge). Maybe not... The factory wiring diagram refers to "Hot" (35) and "Cold" (159C)temperature sensors, the cold on the right side and the hot on the drivers side.

    Your tan/brown wire - is it a round female connector covered by a round rubber boot? If so, plug it into the proportioning valve (33).

    Check the colors on your cut gang and describe exactly where they come thru the firewall. I can't find what you described in the 1971 wiring diagram.
    Good luck
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    I posted a couple of schematics I had on a Webshots Photo Album.....they are pretty detailed, so hopefully they will help you.

    Here's the link:

    <a target="_blank" href=></a>



    They don't look as BIG on Webshots as they actually are, so if you are having trouble reading them, e-Mail me (see Profile) and I'll send you the original FULL SIZE .JPGs

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