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    I need to find the brake hoses for a disc brake axle(D44) I am planning to swap in place of a drum brake axle.

    Someone gave me the Raybestos part #'s for what was supposed to be the right hoses, but they don't seem to be the correct ones. The raybestos #'s are:

    The above part #'s were supposed to be for a 71 K10 truck. The truck is a '70 & the axle is from a 77 or so truck. The banjo on the new hoses isn't large enough for the bolt that holds it on the caliper.

    If the above part #'s are correct for a 71 truck, could it be that the calipers for the 71 has a smaller bolt size than one from a 77? Could it just be that I need calipers for a 71 truck?

    I know I probably can't link from webshots, but I took a pic of the brake hose. It looks funky for a 71 K10 brake hose.

    Pic won't show up, but here's a link. It's in the junk folder.
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    you need hoses for whatever year of calipers you are using, 73-up are not same ends, or swap calipers to match whatever hoses year if you want

    2wd also changed hoses ends in 73

    round caliper end of hose is older design, at least my 72 dana 44 ones are round and i know the 2wd oens were also, 73-up changed caliper casting at hose bolt end and at least the 2wd hoses got alot longer overall

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