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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by wubba_65, Jul 22, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    What a hell hole of a couple of days. Wednesday I went to pick up my truck from the body shop (getting rear and cancer cut out and replaced, or so I thought) to find that the truck hasn't even been started on yet (I dropped it off in january). I had phoned the guy last wednesday to let him know that I was going to be trading in my Car on the GF's new ride, and the Jimmy was going to be my new Daily Driver, so it had to be ready for Wednesday night.

    He wasn't at the shop, so I went to find his house (small town) but he wasn't home. My dad and I were going to head home, but I wanted to stop by the cop shop to find out courses of action. As soon as I mention the guys name the cop starts shaking his head. So he proceeds to phone the shop, no answer, but the phone rings back 10 seconds later. It's him and he's at the shop, cop says to go over.

    I get to the shop and he has the audacity to ask me "how's it going", to which I replied "I'm pretty damn pissed off, why the hell isn't my truck done?" His Excuse? --> "I had to finish the axle on this guys boat cause it has to go to Bonnyville". I was so livid, I said to him "What the hell, does this guy have to have his boat so that he can drive to work?, What the hell am I supposed to do for a vehicle now? I told you that I needed to have this done for tonight because I am trading in my car tomorrow!!"

    All he could say was "I had to get this done". It took every ounce of my will power not to pulverize the guy. Anyways we go to start the truck. battery's dead. Won't even crank over trying to boost from my car. He gets another battery out of a burb that he has sitting there, and puts it into my truck, starts up no problem. That made me feel better because it is the first time in 7 months that I have heard it run. Then he says "there you go" and looks at me expectantly. It then dawned on me that he wants me to pay for the battery. So I fork over $35 CDN (I should have told him to go to hell) and we head to the gas station to fill it up before we head home.

    Dumbass me is so excited to be on the road that I forgot that I had the hubs locked in when I dropped it off. So we get about half way home and I pull over to take them out (I realize when I was driving) but it was too late. There is red tranny/trans fluid pouring out from underneath, the tranny is completely dry, and the transfer case is covered. At the same time I notice that the connection to the heater core is leaking coolant all over the place (I replaced this last year, so I'm hoping that the clamp wasn't tight enough, and I can fix it with a couple of new clamps, but we'll see).

    Couldn't get reception on the cell, so I had to drive about 30 miles to where I could get a strong enough signal to actually put through a call to AMA. Tow truck is dispatched, we wait an hour, then get a call from AMA. Driver got a call from the cops (they take priority) and he's gonna be another hour. Then it starts raining. Got home at 2:30 in the morning after driving through a horrible storm, with only one headlight. WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHT.

    Anyways, I took yesterday off of work, and pulled the T-case. It has been rebuilt recently, so I don't need to do that while i have it pulled. When they rebuilt it last, they used liquid gasket maker for everything except where the t-case hooks up to the Tranny adapter. I haven't cleaned off the T-case yet (plan to tonight and tomorrow), but I can't see any obvious gaps in the seals around the tranny. I am thinking that it might have been the seal between the T-case and the adapter, but since I pulled the tranny, the whole seal is going to be replaced anyways. What I need to know is how can I tell if there is a hole in the liquid gaskets with the t-case off of the truck, or do I just replace that seal where it hooks to the tranny and hook everything up and hope for the best? Does anyone else have experience with a situation like this?

    This is the first time that I have done something of this magnitude on a vehicle (i've done alternators, water pumps, exhaust manifolds, etc.) so I'm pretty proud that I am going to be doing this myself. It sounds weird, but I was so happy to see my T-case sitting on the floor of the garage!!

    Anyways, any help is appreciated.



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