Here's a tip for installing braided brake lines

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    Here\'s a tip for installing braided brake lines

    If you have headers, they might be in the way. If you can't fit your hand up onto the brakeline, take your headers off.

    I wasn't smart enough to figure this out.

    Changing the drivers side, I snapped the metal brake line inside the frame and took it to a shop to get fixed. $160. Ouch!!

    Changing the passenger side, I know not to snap it so I'm real careful. About 8 fricken hours later I have the brake line off but since I can't reach it by hand my wrench gets stuck on the nut. After about 10 minutes of trying to get the wrench off. Snap!!! Crap, Crap, Crap and more Crap starts hitting the fan. Then I really get pissed because I can't get the rubber brakeline off of the frame. My wrench wouldn't fit so I beat the hell out of it at this point until it comes out. I was really pissed.!!

    I buy a new brake line, feed it in the frame and bend it to fit, but I can't get it started because I can't reach!!! I decide to take the Headers of. All goes well after dousing it with liquid wrench. The header is now slippery from the liquid wrench and I drop it trying to pull it out. Chink!! Something falls down. I keep trying to get the header out and drop it again. Chink!Chink! I look down and have 3 broken spark plugs. Crap again.

    Once the header is out of the way, I bolt up the brake line and blead it. No leakes so I put the header back on and then I look down only to see the fricken piece of crap leaking again. Looks like I'm going to pull it apart tommorrow again. Suck!!! If it drove, I'd run it off a cliff. 14 hrs of struggling for nothing.

    At least I know to pull the header first before I begin again. I'm just trying to save you alot of time and frustration.

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    Re: Here\'s a tip for installing braided brake lines

    Sorry to hear about all that. My headers were in the way also but I was able to get a grip on the inner nut with a long needle nosed vise grip, I had to contort my hand a little but it did the job. Everybody make sure you get that inner nut held in place or you will break the brake line like Toad did.


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