Here's the part #'s to Run a 10-bolt yoke on a 12-bolt

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    Here\'s the part #\'s to Run a 10-bolt yoke on a 12-bolt

    Ok, I know everybody's been wanting this information. I recently uncovered my receipt & here are the part numbers.

    National Seals #3896
    1350 U Joint
    10 Bolt Yoke

    These parts will allow you to run the larger 1350 U-Joint on a 12 Bolt axle. The yoke is available from GM, & as well as other places I'm sure. The Seal & U-Joint should be available at your local part store.

    This set up allows you to run a 10 Bolt yoke on a 12 Bolt rearend. I've been running this setup for 2 years now. If I remember right there's a small piece that needs to be removed from the seal in order for this to work, it will be obvious when you see it & it's easy to remove. (NO LEAKS)

    86 K-5

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