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    Hey guys, I need some info (it's kind of 4-wheel related, so bear with me).
    I graduated a couple of months ago with a degree in computer engineering and the job hunt hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be here in Pittsburgh, PA. Right now, I have a big list of reasons to go to Colorado. I hear places like Boulder and Colorado Springs are great for computer related jobs (I'm looking for something in programming/hardware design).
    So... here's what I want from you guys - 1) What city do you live in? 2) Are there any kick-ass companies in town that you know of or work for? 3) Since I'm not too familiar with Colorado geography, how cool are your local four wheelin' spots?
    I really appreciate any info you guys (or gals) can give me!

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    Dude, you came to the right place, I have a 4 year degree, BIS (Business Information Systems), not really worth a crap, but looks good on paper. Anyway here in the Denver area, you can have your pick of IT jobs and the wheeling rocks, why do you think everyone is moving here, on second thought this place sucks, you don't want to move here. [​IMG] just kidding. Tons in Boulder but the cost of living is very high, Colorado Springs is OK, but wouldn't want to live there and the drive would suck, DTC (South area) is where all the good jobs are and most companies can't find people. Oh yeah DTC stands for Denver Tech Center.
    Go to dice.com and post your resume there and look for jobs in the Denver area, you will be amazed.
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