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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by StoneyK5, Feb 19, 2002.

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    Just got an add for a Motorola V120 and am wondering if it's worth it for 49.99 for the phone, at 35 bux a month for the web browser, etc. , with 300/3000 mins. for the America's Choice with Verizon Wireless??? It states that it is national and The ATT phone I have now is kinda dead all the time and is only in my calling area when I need it.

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    I don't sell much motorola. What I do sell (TDMA StarTac's 7897) we seem to have a lot of complaints. In TDMA markets the Nokia products seem to do the best. In CDMA the Motorola's seem to do well and to be fair Motorola is more directed at CDMA and GSM products so it might be a good unit. Just not familure with that Model. We sell the V60 but it's only been on the shelf for a few weeks so cant make a honest comment on it's performance.
    TDMA in most not all markets is AT&T and Cigular
    CDMA is Verizon and I think Sprint. Next smell is GSM.
    Cingular is going to a GSM overlay but it will be a couple years before it's really out there. Once it is watch out. Some killer stuff will be available like the 9000 series Nokia (the phone used in the movie the Saint) communities.msn.com/OffroadK5s
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