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Hey KENNY!! - Diesel conv. ?'s

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by shane74, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. shane74

    shane74 1/2 ton status

    Feb 12, 2002
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    Vancouver, WA
    It looks like I might be doing a diesel conversion in the burb. Is it as easy as removing the old TBI 350/computer/wiring harness and swapping the 6.2 in? Can you give me a run down of what I'll need to do? Thanks!
  2. kennyw

    kennyw N9PHW Premium Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Stevens Pass Highway, WA
    In my '79 I probably went thru a few steps you won't have to dealing with the radiator mainly.

    My starter, alternator and sending unit wiring was all the same for the small block and the diesel. Only thing I had to do was extend the old wire that ran to the HEI up to the injector pump at the front of the motor using the ignition wire from the donor truck since it has a different connector.

    I also had to put in the longer diesel accellerator cable (I have extra's of these left over).

    My truck is a 4 spd so I had to get a diesel flywheel then put in a new clutch ordered for the diesel. I reused my original bellhousing though. What tranny are you going to run?

    I also converted over to Hydroboost from my donor truck because the diesel will not clear the vacuum booster or run it very well.

    The exhaust from my small block manifolds bolted right up to the diesel manifolds too.
  3. T-ROY

    T-ROY 1/2 ton status

    Dec 3, 2002
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    Orchards, Wa
    Hey Shane, I happen to have a 2wd Burban in my driveway with a 6.2 diesel, and a diesel radiator, and diesel wiring harness, and a hydroboost system, and exaust manifolds, etc. Kenny owns the engine, but you might be able to make a deal with him... I need some rear disc brake brackets for my 14bff. Kenny is going to be down tomorrow if you would like to come over and brainstorm. Give me a call. 360-882-9055.

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