hillbilly's n' red necks?

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by megahillbilly, Oct 23, 2005.

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    any body know the differnece bettween a hillbilly 'n' red neck?
    finely paid the 25. bucks. now I can stay up all night pecken away at what i love. my second ? is how many ck5ers arein the chico,paradise area?
    I'm not to comp savvy, please for give me.I wish that I could stop supporttin my addiction and buy a digital cammera,but wait that might start a new problem!?.
    anny way I'm a proud onwer of a custom/20 that I've owned for about 7 years now.she's gone threw three bulid ups.started with a 6 inch sky jacker soft ride and 35 bfg's mt's of corse!And about a year later(after using it for a daily driver) she blew a head gasket.this was the perfect time to ask the big ? .... hay babe ....I gotta tell ya summtin.... WHAT.....the motor in the truck blew to day..... WELL WHY DID IT DO THAT???.....the truck is to big for the small 350 that it has....SO WHAT DO WE DO??....dont worry I know just what to do....HOW MOUCH IS IT GONNA COST?...I think about 5k's......talk about blewen a head gasket!!!
    I stroked and punched a 454 to a 496 and stuffed it in frount of that tried th350 and didnt even bother with the kick down...Man Icould not bleive how light that truck was when I drove it for the first time.
    So now Ive got my rig back runnin'er hard every day, tryin to put the hertin on that old slush box,doin every thing you could think of,2500 pound cab over,burn outs(and do I mean burn outs!!! 450 ponnies with about 650lbs of tourq mokes a ton of great smellen smoke!!!!!) you name it.
    bleave it or not that tranny whent three years.th350s have gaind a lot of respect with me.A good ol buddy down at vintage chevy in freemont cali.called one day and said do ya want to make your rig a stick? I himmed and hawwed(Iwas wait'n fer a 4l80&efi to come my way)& said watch ya got? a72 blaze with a nv4500,and every thing to convert your auto truck to a 4spd truck w/a 5spd fer 1500 bucks...I said naaa...too much....ssssiike I
    said when will it be ready?he said 2 days come and get it! well with a hard on harder than that shifter I was there the very next day.there it was still in the blazer. the blazer needed a moment of silence befor it had the only ogan that surrived this wreak removed.10 hours later the tranny&241tc was in the bed.the 241 had a jb sye allready installed what a score!!
    finnely yankked out that bleedin 4qts a week tranny moved the motor ahead 2 inches hung the pedal mounted the master tied it all together,swaped out the 44/eaton for the 60/14 and plann on layen rubber somtime in the next 2 weeks. I think she will realy wake up from that old set up(th350 w/4:56 tach'n about 3000 w/35's down the free way @ 55-60 know she's got over drive W4;10s I smell some speedin tickets)
    Anyways red necks drive fords!!!

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