Home-made seat brackets?

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    Judging from the majority of pics I have seen, the guys on this list have AMAZING fabrication/mechanical skills! I am hoping that perhaps some of that expertise may be able to directly benefit my truck...

    I got two seats that are like brand-new out of an 85' Dodge Omni for $40 (we have a great wrecker here). While the seats are a little small, I have been doing research and new seats are prohibitively expensive [​IMG]. Have any of you had to fabricate brackets for your truck seats? I have one of my Omni seats in now, but it rides too high and it sucks, frankly. The passanger seat has that flip-forward thing and I have no idea how to deal with that to get the seat to be stock height.

    I found something that looks do-able here http://www.off-road.com/4x4web/project/74blazer/seats/seats.html but I am not sure what my first steps should be. The seat in my truck is currently bolted to the OEM brackets (it's an 82). I think if the seat is brought down about three inches it will be ok until I can save up the $1000 for easy-in seats.

    Thank you all...oh, and Thumper, if you read this, NICE TRUCK BRO!

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