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    Has anyone seen or heard of this:

    It looks like they make it for the Chevy small block.

    This came off their site:

    The Hotrocker gives the equivalent of multiple camshafts in an engine, each taking its turn when that design is the best for a given engine speed, with the valve actuation changing as engine speed (RPM) changes. Our device is notable for being more simple than any of the other VVT or VVA designs. It uses the valve train parts already found in standard engines; it merely machines them differently. It is disarmingly simple in concept, and as trouble-free as the standard components already on production engines. Hotrocker replaces the stock rocker arms in an engine with rocker arms that have different ratios at different engine speeds. Typical ratios on most engines are 1.5-to-1 or 1.6-to-1, and are fixed. The variable ratio rocker arms can operate with ratios from as little as 1-to-1 and as big as 1.9-to-1. Each position produces a different power curve as though the camshaft had been replaced by a different one. This means an engine so equipped will get the benefits of a mild camshaft so desirable for most traffic driving, a more radical camshaft for faster cruising and an even more radical camshaft producing the most power at higher RPM.

    In dynamometer tests, this device has shown significant increases in the power and torque created by the engines. These tests show that utilizing the Hotrocker in place of the usual rocker arms will enable virtually any camshaft to produce more power both at low speeds and at high speeds.

    In short, this device does give the equivalent of multiple camshafts that engineers have long wished for. It does it with great simplicity, is easily incorporated in most engine designs currently in production and should have the durability of the valve trains currently being used. An automobile in which this device is incorporated will perform as though a measurably larger engine has been installed in place of the existing one. Yet, due to the increase in efficiency achieved by the Hotrocker, the fuel consumption will be less.



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    Hotrod did a article on this setup last month. Check it out.

    Displacement, cubes, and did you say you drive a riceburner???

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