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Discussion in 'Land Use' started by colorado_emt, Apr 24, 2000.

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    These d#@n tree huggers p*%s me off. Ever since i can remeber these d&mn people would give my dirtty looks when i would pass them on my dirt bike. Why the H@#$ do they think that these trails are just theirs. Arrrrrggghhh they make me soooooo[​IMG]<font color=red>ANGERY</font color=red>[​IMG]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my question is how can i help defet these extremests!! I know that voteing is the first step but i want to do more! Please let me know.

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    Good to see that someone else is interested in saving our right to use public lands. First you can read the other posts and reply to your congress person about them. You can send them an e-mail and don't even need to write a snail mail letter anymore. If you don't know their e-mail addresses they will be on your states website or goto and click on congress or representative to goto their web pages and their you can pick out your states congress persons. If you are really interested in getting more involved e-mail me and I'll forward all the latest land use posts that are sent to me. I don't post everything here that I get sent.

    David 75K5


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