How do you straighten out the steering wheel on a 92 K1500 Blazer?

Discussion in '1992-Present Chevy & GMC models' started by AJMBLAZER, Apr 26, 2002.


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    Had my truck aligned recently, and it finally drives in a straight line. Just in time for me to sell it and get a K5./forums/images/icons/smile.gif However, the guy forgot to recenter the steering wheel. Driving straight down the road the wheel is turned so that you'd think it was doing a pretty good turn to the left./forums/images/icons/tongue.gif I thought it was just a matter of taking off the horn button/center cap and messing with that nut that's right there, but I've also been told you have to play with something down by the steering box on the frame.

    So which is it?

    If it's the nut at the steering wheel, like I hope it is, I can do it. Not sure if it's something down by the box, my capability to screw things up is immense./forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

    No "loose nuts behind the wheel" jokes please./forums/images/icons/smile.gif/forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
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    well, consiering I think you must have paid $$ to get it alligned- I'd be driving right back to the garage that did it and say

    "my steering wheel was straight when I dropped it off, now its off center--- I'll wait in the waiting room while you fix it."

    I'm a woman, and I'm a b*tch when it comes to "little" stuff like this...basically its a lack of quality work on the half of the "mechanic"....and it really pisses me off!


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