How do you take off chrome trim?

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    I just bought a whole 72 GMC 3/4 long horn pick up with a great front clip (it runs and I got it for only $750), what I want to do is to put the whole front clip onto my 1972 Blazer (I love the look of the GMC front end). My only problem is that the pick-up has chrome on it that will not match up to my Blazer. So does anybody know how I can get the chrome off of the new fenders? Is there a special tool? And how would I get new Blazer chrome back on?

    I also want to know how to get the chrome around the tail lights and tailgae off, with out damaging it. Jeez, while I am on the subject, does anyone know how to polish the old chrome?

    Thanks for reading all my questions,

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    I think you mean the trimming along the fenderlip, right?
    If I remember correctly on my 88 they are stapled on with a pop-gun. You need to drill out the staples and innstall the new ones with new staples or small screw's.
    The wide tailgate plate that goes across the tailgate is accessed from the inside of the tailgate. you must go through the access-panel, remove regulator, and then finaly some bolts...
    The smal strip of chrome is taped on and is best removed with a litle heat.(hairblower)
    For cleaning old chrome use Arosol.
    Hope this is what you asked, if not repost.

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