How does this cam look for a tbi?

Discussion in 'The Injection Section' started by camok5, Feb 15, 2007.

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    After finding out today that the cam I was gonna use in my rebuilt 383 has a bad lobe I decided once a again to see if I need a more friendly tbi cam. The old one was a comp cams
    This is the cam that came with my 383 that I'm in the process of rebuilding to replace my stock 87 tbi engine.

    I have been emailing Brian from and he said that this came could be made to work but he suggested another cam that would be easier to tune for the tbi setup.

    Does anyone have any opinions on this cam and or any other suggestions for a good hydraulic non roller cam? I do plan on beefing up my tbi setup I just dont want to have to spend alot of time tunning a chip to make the engine run right.
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    Unfortunately, tuning is a time consuming job. No two ways about it. Brian could burn you a chip to get you going, and maybe you'd be happy enough with that, but to do a proper, across the board tune you'll have to data log, edit, data log, edit and so on. Even with the EBL which is self learning, the fine tuning and manual tweeks go on and on. The self learning ability produces a VERY acceptible tune but......well, it gets kind of addictive and you know there's just a little bit more just around the corner!
    That cam should be fine as it's one of their comp friendly cams but it would still need tuning even on a 350 let alone a 383.
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    I would go with whatever cam Brian says. The first cam you listed will be very hard to tune and probabally need a few chips burned to get it right.

    The second cam is a little more computer frendly and will work better.

    Talk to Brian and go with what cam he recomends.. He will have the data tables for the cam and engine combo and should be able to get the chip right the first time. When choosing a cam you should always talk to whoever is burning your chip and go with what they recomend. It will save you a lot of tuning work in the long run.

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