How much fuel should be in-line? (long)

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    After a K5 sits for a while, how much fuel should be in the main line? For example, If you were to go back to about where the front hangers for your rear springs are and cut the line open, how much fuel should be there?
    This is a carborated Jimmy and I know that on my fuel injected vehicles, there is a lot of fuel when you change the rear filter. What about carb'd vehicles?

    When I first bought my Jimmy, they had an Auxiliry tank on it with a little box that all the fuel lines went into. I took the Aux tank off and left that juntion box(maybe fuel pump) on the frame and tied off the extra lines. Now I was going to take the junction box off and run a main line. When i cut into the hoses, there was very little fuel that came out on both sides. Is this normal on a carb vehicle?


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    Emmet, most of the time there is a little residual fuel in the line even if the vehicle has been sitting for a while. I wouldn't worry about it. As an example I put a carbed 350 target motor in an 87 tpi Iroc, with no electric pump, just the manual pump on the engine block. she pumps fine even through all the high pressure and supposedly "different" fuel injected lines. As long as you keep the fuel system inline, you can take that box off. just don't break out the marlboros. js

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