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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jerry303, Jan 27, 2004.

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    How much do you think I should offer for the following:
    Steel fuel tank skid, 1972 GMC grill with headlight bezels and outer chrome (good shape), 2 good front leaf springs, original air cleaner with exhaust manifold pipe

    I really want the grille and chrome, what are front leaf springs, are they just the stock springs? I need an air cleaner as well, but what is the exhaust manifold pipe. excuse me ignorance, thanks in advance.

    I was also going to buy the following from a different person:
    3/16" steel front bumper has flair of ARB bull bumper. Constructed to be durable. Has 1/2 height stinger and has mounting points for stock turn signals (like mounted in the stock '72 bumper). Now the blazer is getting a new look so take 'er away - $150

    Well built rear bumper wraps the quarters and protects your tail! RockStomper hing and tube tire carrier with integrated highlift mount. Composed of 2", 1 3/4", and 1 1/4" tubing. Bolts to stock mounting points. May need to drill 2 holes for supports. Needs a new coat of paint.

    $350 firm

    CAGE:: 2" x .120 wall DOM cage. Main hoop is Smitty built, the rest I added on. Full cage includes fronts all bent to fit dash correctly and rear fits tightly inside a hardtop (very nicely). Has side bars, piller cross bar, front and rear spreaders, and seat mounts.

    The whole deal is good to go for $350. An extra $150 get's you the pair of grey/silver '95 Z28 powered front bucket seats that are bolted to it.

    Paint it, bolt it in, sit in it, and go for $500!

    He said that he would take $900 for all of it which seems like a good deal...does it to you?

    Thanks again!

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