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    I have 2 front seats and a rear bench seat with brand new upholstery kits from LMC (over $300.00). How much do you think i could get for these? The rear seat is originally out of a Suburban, the front seats are original from my 79, high backs. I just got an opportunity to buy a complete set out of a 90 blazer, (reclining seats). How much do you think I could get for mine? Anyone looking for a set of seats? The upholstery Kit I bought for them is grey. I haven't installed it yet, is anyone interested in that? I will post in 4-Sale section if I buy these other seats, but I have no idea what they are worth. I would be willing to sell the upholstery kit seperate, or you can install it, or i could install it before shipping. Currently the rear bench is already grey with no rips, the fronts need re-upholstered, they are burgundy, driverside is ripped, passenger isn't. Upholstery kit will take care of all those problems.

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