How the election & Wildlands Project could seal our future

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    From: Rose Comstock

    Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2000 7:24 PM
    Subject: How the election & Wildlands Project could seal our future

    A few years ago I was honored to have been chosen to chair the Alliance
    For America Fly In For Freedom annual convention of grassroot
    organizations in Washington DC.
    "Tracks of the Turtle" was our theme highlighting the development and
    implementation of the Wildlands Project across the United States, Canada
    and South America.
    Until I spent that week in Washington I had no real idea of just how
    close we were to full implementation of the plan. The agenda presented
    brought the reality home that
    our freedom is truly at stake! The Wildlands Project has become the
    sole underpinning of all other federal actions such as the most recent
    Roadless Plan Clinton put into
    place to restrict 60 million acres of roadless lands across the West
    from any resource management activity. Other plans such as the Sierra
    Nevada Conservation and
    Collaboration Framework and the Inner Columbia Basin Ecosystem Project
    are also two important pieces in their landscape puzzle that are on the
    verge of becoming a reality.
    The Desert Protection Act, authored by Senator Diane Feinstein, and the
    Presidents Forest Plan for the Pacific Northwest, commonly called Option
    9 are two other pieces
    already in place. The designation's of monuments all across the West
    have filled in the gaps where these other plans have left "loop holes"
    tightening the boundary's of
    where any American citizen can tread on public lands. Fulfillment of
    public laws that mandate multiple use activity are being forgone by
    agencies responsible for
    management for the net public benefit under the disguise of wildlife
    habitat protection. The agenda to proceed with rural cleansing and
    rewilding of America is well

    The Mission of the Wildlands Project goes like this: "The Mission of
    The Wildlands Project is to protect and restore the natural heritage of
    North America through the
    establishment of a connected system of wildlands." They are succeeding
    at their mission at a rapid pace and the inclusion of large populations
    of human inhabitants is
    clearly not apart of connecting the wildlands. We, you & I, are to be
    systematically removed.

    This is one critical reason why this election is so important to win.
    It's not about whether you are a democrat or a republican, it's about
    retaining our freedom as Americans
    and stopping the progression of the largest land take over in our
    history by denying our freedom to use that land. It doesn't matter who
    you are or where you live, you will
    be affected if we don't take control of our government back! We will
    have a new President [hopefully] and a new Congress that must be
    educated and hear from us! Surely
    should Al Gore win the White House the progression of the Wildlands
    Project will be accelerated!

    The Alliance For America 2001 Fly In For Freedom planning committee is
    once again pulling our resources together with a focus on open access of
    federal lands for all.
    "Access For All" is not only our theme but our united mission! If we do
    not join forces and present a strong united front against the full
    implementation of The Wildlands
    Project we will find ourselves engaged in the largest civil war in
    American history as a matter of survival.

    Signs of the general public being forced into civil unrest are abounding
    across the United States as a result of the progressive stages from
    implementing the Wildlands
    Project. One only needs to refresh their memory with recent media
    reports of the battle against the taking of private property for the
    Darby wildlife refuge in Ohio, federal
    agency efforts against the Jarbidge Brigade and Elko Cty. Nevada
    officials to protect local government property and the initiatives on
    state ballots such as in the state of
    Main to seize tens of thousands of acre of private timber land through a
    referendum to see the puzzle coming together. Within just the past
    couple of weeks the confiscation
    of cattle in Utah from the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
    lands is an example of the federal governments intent to remove multiple
    use of federal lands from
    it's citizens. Offroad & outdoor enthusiast have been engaged in
    battling federal agencies from restricting access through locking up
    beaches and camping spots
    to protecting their rights to fish, hunt and drive to long time favorite
    places. Yellowstone Park & other areas are being restricted from snow
    mobilers and skiers and just this
    week Bruce Babbit declared Yosemite Park off limits to cars in the name
    of restoration. The Southwest has been hit hard with the reintroduction
    of wolves and the protection
    of the Mexican spotted owl and more monuments. Other states such as
    Montana, Colorado, Idaho are all in the mix for rewilding the territory
    with the grizzly bear. And when
    you look at the map you'll see that the entire western United States is
    intended for the grizzly. Kentucky and other eastern states are now
    under the gun from extreme
    agendas to re-wild rural communities through land acquisitions and
    condemnation. htp:// This link
    will take you to a map of the
    plan. Grizzly Range

    Wolf Range
    Land is being proposed all over the United States for acquisition by the
    federal government to be bought and paid for with our tax dollars, but
    not for the benefit of American
    citizens but rather to control of all access to the resources our nation
    needs-water, timber, minerals, grasslands & oil to name a few- in the
    name of wildlife protection &

    If you feel as strongly as we do about protecting private property
    rights and our right to access federal lands put the 2001 Fly In For
    Freedom on your calendar - May 19-20
    Washington DC- an become a supporter & participant in a united front to
    regain "Access For All". If you can't attend, consider helping sponsor
    the Fly In For Freedom or
    an activist that needs your help to get there. Currently we are happy to
    announce the sponsorship of the Heartland Institute and the National
    Association of Motorized
    Recreation Council for the upcoming Fly In.

    Three links are included here for quick reference if you still need
    convincing: The Wildlands Project [official page]
    to give you a bird's eye view, The
    Alliance For America more Alliance &
    Fly In information and, The Wildlands Project hosted by long time
    forest industry activist & Wildlands Project expert Matt Bennett for
    great information about the Wildlands Project.

    The Alliance will be sending out more information on registration and
    the Fly In 2001 agenda as they become available. For more information
    please contact me at or go to the Alliance web page.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this important message.
    Rose Comstock
    Alliance for America West Pacific Regional Director
    Northern Sierra Natural Resource Coalition Ex. Director

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>

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