How thick should I go (metal plate for flatbed?)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by SCOOBYDANNN, Apr 3, 2002.


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    Ok, here is the deal. we figure the stepside bed i had before weighed ~250-300 lbs (correct me if im wrong.) A plate of 1/8 thick, 8'x4' weighs 180 lbs. (I only need 6'x4', but lets just use the numbers they give me) I still need to throw a type of rail to keep things in or tied down. a spare tire, a gas tank of some sort, tools and spare parts. now the biggest I would think of going would be 1/4" thick and figure that at about 360 lbs. (I personally think that would be perfect if i didnt have any spare parts) does anyone have the weight of the front end only w/ a dana 60 and tires, this way i can have an idea of how heavy i need to go. Weight dosnt really concern me because we are heave to begin w/ so what i really want to do is equal it out front to rear and much as I can-----ResurectionJoe if you out there any help would be appreciated. (I ask him cause I know he has done this or is doing it.)thanks


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    Well since nobody else has spoken up I will throw in my .02 /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif For the floor of my step side Im using heavy gauge expanded metal.With nothing in the bed I can see what Im running over.But if your looking for weight this stuff wont get it.I can carry a 4'x8' sheet around by myself.

    I think the .125" would be good for a flat bed.It seems like .25" would be way too heavy.

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