how to check 10bolt...?

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    OK Fellows,
    I have been reading about the 10bolt, 12bolt, 14bolt. I have come to some questions that I can not find in the search...I am sure someone has asked these before...sorry to pester yall with'em.
    If you change to 14bolt in the rear, what do you do to upgrade the front?

    I have 35's on the k5 now, but I am in the process of taking off the lift and going to 31's. Is there a way to check the 10 bolts that are on the k5 now to see if they are in good order? In other words-if I have not any probs with the 35's that must mean that the 10 bolts are holding up?

    Since so many 1/2 ton trucks came with a 10 bolt- the 10 bolt is at least capable of handling 1/2 ton specs--right?

    thanks for the help!
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    Jack it up, pop off the diff cover and rotate the axles and check the internals out. Look for hunks of metal, chipped gears and such. What am I missing here?

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