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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ArmyEd, Dec 7, 2003.

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    could someone please tell me how to remove the hubs from a 14 bolt corporate GM rearend, i just purchased it from a yard and one hub will turn, the other seems frozen, on my 12 bolt the hubs just slid right off, but i have never work with a 14 bolt before. please help ed
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    first for a little tech....12 bolts dont have hubs, as they are c-clip semi-floaters..
    now is your 14 bolt a full floater or semi floater? full floaters have hubs protruding at the ends of the axle and a 6 bolt pinion support on the front of the center section...

    to remove the hubs on a 14bff, remove the bolts holding the axle shaft in, i think there's 8 of them, and pull the axle shaft out. then you will have to bend the locking tabs of a
    lock washer away from the lock nut, and will need the 6-prong hub socket to remove the lock nut, sometimes that nut can be removed with a screwdriver or punch and hammer, just be careful if you do it this way. after the outer lock nut comes off, there is the locking washer with the tabs you bent up, slide that out with picks or needlenose pliers. Next remove the inner locknut the same way as the outer. Now the hub should come off with the drum and all, be careful thats a heavy sucker.... post up if you get stuck.. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

    the 6 prong socket is available at most autozone stores, advanced and discount, napa probably carry them as well...
    if you are just trying to remove drums on a semi floater, just give a couple good smacks to the drum all around it to loosen..

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