Hyd clutch system pressure?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Thumper, Sep 8, 2003.

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    What kind of pressure does a hyd clutch system work on?
    I have an idea for an auxiallary brake system for when I am flat towing the K5, and am trying to find a way to avoid bleeding the brakes every time I disconnect and reconnect the quick couplers in the rear brake line. Would the reservoir from a clutch setup work if it was installed after the QD? The air would concievably travel thru the line either from the aux brake unit or the MC, then rise to the top of the reservoir instead of travelling to the rear disc calipers...
    i plan on putting the Quick Disconnect couplers in the rear line only, between the MC and the calipers, then the reservoir right after the couplers. Then I can disconnect the line from the MC to the calipers, couple it to the pressure line from the surge brake unit for the towbar, it will self bleed into the reservoir when I use it, then recouple it back to the MC line when I want to drive the truck.
    Will the clutch reservoir handle the pressure of the brake system?


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