hydralic winch/powersteering pump?

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by FastEddy, Feb 15, 2001.

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    Was wondering if anyone out there has experience with driving a hydralic winch with a power steering pump? On my other truck I used a pto winch, installed an orbital motor and a belt drive hydralic clutch pump and it works excellent...now I am putting the same setup on my offroad only 87 suburban contraption and was thinking of driving it off the power steering pump...I also have a dual belt power steering pump off a diesel/1ton with hydro boost brakes, and it has the extra presure hose (instead of teeing into the pressure line of the stock pump) am wondering if the pump will power the winch...it is a 5 ton rhino winch....hate to mount everything and plumb it and it not work...the reason i would like to do this is too save the cost of buying the clutch pump-$650...and also to shave some weight off the front...am building this thing as light as possible...using an 89 s-10 ext cab on it, utilizing the stock injection harness with my tbi 350 and computer from my sub, the winch will be in the rear right over the rear wheels (not running a box...just a "beverage" cooler mounted behind the cab...any input appreciated...thanks...ED
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    Mile marker makes their winches work with the factory power steering, but they are pretty slow and use a gear drive to get the speed to wind in. I'd say you're best off with the clutched hyd pump on the motor. Mine works great that way.
    Or you might keep it really simple and just run an electric, they are pretty good winches. I like the hyd setup, and there's been a couple of times I've been happy to have it, but for general vehicle recovery, the electrics work pretty well.
    check northern hydraulics for the clutch pump, they're a lot cheaper than $650 in there.

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