hydrauilic assist steering ?

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    Hey you guys that have built you own hydrauilic ram assist steering setup's answer me this.........after all is done,box is tapped,lines hooked up fluid in the pump ready to run,is there any bleeding of the system that needs to be done?I started the truck with the tires off the ground and began slowly turning the wheel back and forth like you do with a stock system to bleed it.Well good thing is the ram works just like it should,but the problem is the box wont pump up and turn the tires at all.I know when ive changed pumps or boxes in the past it took a couple of minutes tp get the fluid moving enough to "power" up the system,then when I shut the truck off it actually pushes alot of air and some fluid back out of the filler cap.I didnt extend my filler neck but the pump wont even pump the fluid its got in it so i figure thats not that important until i actually run the truck on the trail.Any Ideas?

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