I am scared about going doubler

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by SCOOBYDANNN, Jul 30, 2003.


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    Not for the ungodly amount of crawl ratio, but im scared about breaking it.--you see have this problem
    and after taking the TC out, where the adapter bolts to the tranny there was a crack from the top center all the way to the bottom right corner.

    this is the second adptor i have broken at the foot. the first time was full bodied (dont know when or where it happened)

    here is where i think i happend this time.

    i went to the chili challange in Las Cruses NM. i already had the front fenders cut to the center of the top light. going over an obsticle the fenders pop off of the radiator support. not the next rock over and i am having problems w/ the clutch (mech--the rod coming off the "Z" bar to the clutch fork )keeps poping off. repeadatly fixing it throughout the rest of the run. not realzing the improtance of the fenders holding the rad support i keep trail riding the truck and doing the regular stupid stuff we do, still fixing the clutch when needed.

    Finally realizing the whats wrong i take off the fenders and tube it up. (the one that looks like a bug /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif)

    i don't know when or where the TC adaptor actually broke but up until what happenes next i don't think anything is wrong.

    long story shrot (err. already long tory huh?) go through a little rock garden, get of the rock and the driveshaft it clunking on the crossmember (i dont check it as i know the sound) and there is a knocking in the motor (trace it later to the cap and rotor, rotor hitting firewall) eh no big deal, find out the whole carnage when i check it the next morning.

    the moral of my story is i dont want to break ANYTHING in the drivetrain especially w/ the doubler cause i dn't like thrwin away that kind of $$ as it takes me a long time to do something like this. whatcan i do to fix this.


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    check your motor mounts , get the ORD ones if they are shot . ive also broken 2 adapter toes .i modifiean adapter and built a high cleance x memeber pics soon . /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif /forums/images/graemlins/deal.gif oh and poly mounts are good too .
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    Well, I don't think you can hurt our adapter but regardless, you need to get some stuff sorted out.
    I'd say the first thing to look at is stiffening the frame up. The fact that most of your problems come from twisty wheeling indicates that frame twist is at least part of the problem. You have the means (tubing and bender access) so cage is down to the frame and get it stiff.
    Next thing is good motor mounts, we have a couple types of HD poly type mounts and they should help you out. One big problem is having soft motor mounts with stiff t-case mounts, the motor will try to twist it all apart.
    Past that, run the crossmembers under the Doubler and you should be OK.
    This is all fairly standard stuff so I don't think you'll have a huge problem getting it to work out, just a matter of going through the steps.
  4. u2slow

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    Get the "short" version of that adapter and matching crossmember. Less leverage at the mounting point. /forums/images/graemlins/thinking.gif

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