i bled my d60 calipers

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    Aug 30, 2001
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    some of you guys know how hard it is to do this,...i dont have acessto power bleeder
    and i tried lots of ways, but still no brakes,...had to unbolt the caliper, leave the hose
    hooked up, position the caliper so that the bleedvalve is staight up and hose feeding
    from the bottom, loosen the bleed valve while retracting the piston with a c clamp,
    this pushed out lots of air....repeated this several times each side, till absolutly no
    more air bubbles escaping.......i cant believe how difficult these things are to bleed,
    just thought ya'all could benefit from my hours under my rig.....now we gots brakes
    big time....i'm goin to bed .....

    80K5 on ice

    are they all spinning?????

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