i cant sleep...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Seventy4Blazer, Mar 3, 2006.

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    circadium (spelling) rythem... its a bit*h. the past two weeks i was on nights.. well, still am. the past two weeks i have worked 4 nights and a total of 165 hours. i dont mind the hours one bit i just wish i got paid overtime....

    anywho, i got off work yesterday morning at 6:25am. got home and dinked around on CK5 till 7, then went to bed. woke up at the typical 11am, made a phone call, went back to bed. woke at 3pm... oops, but oh well. ran some errands, went to the bar and knowing i had to get up at 6am today went to bed at 11pm.... and woke at 2am... now i cant sleep. DAMNIT!! i have to get up at 6am and drive to Alb. New Mexico....

    with a horse trailer and 3 horses... longer drive than wanted, but i have 2 others to help... i just wanna go back to bed.

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