I feel sry for this guy

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    We were at a muddin site this last sat and a guy in a blazer in pretty good condition , not rust or anyhting and looked fairly new (like 1990 it was old body style) it was stuck so bad he couldnt open his doors. We tried pulling him out and broke his hitch, then bent his bumper but after 4 hrs he got him out and contrary to what youd think he was happy. I guess cuz he finally got out. It was pretty crazy. Both trucks trying to pull him out were in 4LO and so was he. And during this mess one of the trucks got stuck trying to pull him out. It was a crazy night. We where there from like 4-9 we found the guy at like 5 oclock. And after we finally got em out we just said screw it and whent home. The stink of it is that its his dads blazer ... ow. Must suck to be him. =(
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