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    Well, after a somewhat long hiatus (as you all might have noticed)m, I am back. I lost my high-speed access for a bit, but like herpes, I keep coming back. As for my truck, I got it running again, and in true fashion of every project I have, little crap keeps going wrong. Here's a good one...
    So one sunny day I figured I'd change the oil in both trucks, my car and the racecar. So I pack up the wagon (which of course had the top off cuz it finally got somewhat warm out) and headed to the local parts shop. Everything goes as planned until the ride home, at which point my frakes went to the floor. After a bit of a panic, I smelled some fluid burning off and needless to say, I got a good idea of what was burning. Well, after I get it home, and poke around under the hood a bit, my Ft. LT. steel brake hardline has a nice spray gun effect happening when I pressurize the lines. So, now I'm fixing that whole mess, and outfitting new brakes, braided lines, and hardlines all around the beast. And by the way, I found a great place to get new lines, OEM or Stainless, for WAY WAY WAY less them LMC advertises. $160 for CNC bent OEM, and $190 for Stainless CNC bent. And thats for hardlines all the way around with M/C lines. Inline Tube
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    Welcome back.
    It's always something LOL.

    Inline tube has good prices but if the rest of your lines are in good shape you can pick up tube at most parts stores for about $4-8 a stick.

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