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    Yesterday i was eating some candy at home and the crown on one of my teeth popped out. Well since i need a root canal on the left side and my missing crown was on the right side of my mouth its pretty hard to eat. My wife decided to check with the Dentist to see what kind of cost we are talking about. Well she starts talking about payment plans for the crown which is only gonna run about $200.00. I told her we have the money i dont want to start another payment plan for $200.00. This is what she comes back with. Well if you would'nt of bought that P.O.S. Blazer we would'nt have to start another payment plan. I look at her in amazment and return with well if you didnt have to get your nails done every week and buy $200-$300 dollar purses that seem to find themselves piling up in the closet then maybe we would'nt have to start a new payment plan. She got the idea after that. Needless to say my tooth will be fixed Wed. The crown will still probably put on a Payment Plan, but i just couldnt let her get away with putting my blazer down. Sometimes i dont get her, but i love her to death. That goes for my wife as well!!:D

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