i just had my quad tuned and dynoed

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by muddysub, Jan 17, 2006.

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    just picked her up today first of all i would like to say that The Powerhouse in Las Vegas is an awesome place to deal with! got my bike the next day, he explained everything to me about how it did on the dyno, etc... i definetly recommend going there if you live in the las vegas area.
    now for the good stuff...

    FIRST RUN: HMF slipon and civic intake with my half-ass jetting job: 50 piot,needle in stock position, 165 main, and 2.5 truns out on the screw. put down 31.46hp and 20.56ft/lbs at right about 8,036rpm with a huge dead spot between 4300rpm and 6800rpm...

    SECOND RUN: same mods, rejetted by Dan at Howerhouse with: 180 main, 50 pilot, needle in position 5 and 2.75 turns out on the screw. put down 47.57hp at 7736rpm and 32.30ft/lbs 5800rpm, running fairly smoothly with a little dip between 5900rpm and 6300rpm...

    THIRD RUN: same as before only without the intake on it, just the carb. 47.36hp at 7969rpm and 31.21ft/lbs at 6600rpm...

    power to weight of 8.6lbs per HP!!

    the guy who runs/owns the shop used to have a predator and with comparable mods to mine (different intake, aftermarket header) but a 12.5:1 piston in it, and it put down about 54hp and 40ft/lbs, so i know my next move... piston!

    oh btw, its an 04 polaris predator 500...
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    You will definately need a full system. I dont know much about the predators but i know that pretty much any quad could use a full system, the head pipe makes the biggest difference. If your gonna put a piston in might as well put some cams in while your at it....It doesnt stop! Thats some impressive hp, especially for a pretty stock quad.

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