I need 3.73's for a 14 bolt SF 9.5"

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    I need 3.73\'s for a 14 bolt SF 9.5\"

    Hey guys, I just got a 14 bolt SF with the 9.5" ring gear for CHEAP!!! [​IMG]It's in great condition, but the only problem for me is that I have 3.73's in my front IFS, and it has 4.10's in it. I would like to run 4.10's later, but now I don't have the coinage to install the 14, and convert the front to 4.10. [​IMG] Anyone have a set of these gears, or know someone with them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

    Oooohh, just thought of something, [​IMG] it's got the Eaton Gov-lok in it, and would the posi still work with the 3.73's, or would I have to get a different one? Damn. Anything else need to be changed to make the 3.73's work other than the gears? Hope not......[​IMG]

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