i need help choosing fuel injection system

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by AntAZBlaz, Jun 20, 2003.

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    it turns out that i possible have carb problems and i'm tired of putting money into a carbed system when i really wanted an efi system.
    so which one would you recomend installing for an 86, what i'm looking for is ease of instal, complete kits, ease of modifying, software, etc.
    thanks for any help.
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    the first thing I'd get out of my head is "ease of instal" and change that to "work correctly".

    Go with a stock GM setup, or one of the ones that is exactly the same as GM's.

    The stock systems are great *because* they run so well, and trying to make it "easier" only makes them run incorrectly, or at best, makes troubleshooting more difficult.
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    Go with a GM system. This lets you replace sensors and such from any dealer or junkyard instead of relying on an online vendor or performance company. Plus the aftermarket kits cost more than a new engine. The easiest swap would be a TBI setup off an 87+ truck. The sweetest steal would be from a junked Blazer since even the fuel lines would be right, but any fullsize Chevy truck will do. A TPI system from a Camaro is even better, but it is more work to get everything on and will cost you more money. No matter what you choose, you will need to add an electric fuel pump and a fuel return line to the tank, so you can go ahead and start thinking about that right now. Mulitipoint systems require higher pressure, so will need to replace all of the fuel system.

    If you get a system off an engine of the same displacement as yours, chances are it will run good without any custom programming. Going between 305/350 will sometimes work as well.

    If you want ease of software changes, the aftermarket kits are the hot ticket, but you can get a boxful of custom PROMs for the price of one. Some factory kits are tolerant of minor engine mods.

    If you search on the web you can find tons of GM TBI and TPI information. I will do this swap someday too, as soon as I find the right deal. Every junkyard I go to the FI is stripped off of the trucks and V8 cars, so I know there are a lot of us wanting to do this.

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