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    Hey guys,
    Like the other guys, I too am going to lift my 83' Silverado over the Christmas break. I want to put on 35's, and after what everyone else said, a 4" lift should work for a daily driver. I have 33" with no lift and it barley rubs on occasion. So the question is, what gear change should I do if any? Are 4" springs enough? Which brand of lift is good and cheep?I have a 700R4 (I like that 4th gear, but what a piece..you know?)and I wondered if that mattered any. Last... Should I go get all new hardware and wheels and tires, or I can I get used ok?. I don't do this all the time, so what do you guys think?....Just a college kid who is poor and needs help..Thanks

    By the way..I just to let you guys know that this site rocks. Everyone of I problems have been answered by you guys, and fixed. Thanks again
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    Look for the Rough Country 4 inch lift SYSTEM not KIT.
    The system comes with Lift springs front/rear. No blocks.
    It look reasonably priced and you don't have to worry about Blocks.
    Used wheels are fine.. as long as you know what they came off of and they have lots of tread on them.

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    LIft you can choose from that are low priced:

    Rough COuntry
    Tough Country

    If you want to save money you can go with a rear block and add-a-leaf or you could go for the rear springs which would be more expensive. Antoher choice would be to get Front springs and a rear 4" shackle flip and maybe a small block or a 1.5" spring.
    Used wheels and tires are fine as long as they are in good condition and you may want to get a 10" wide wheel, that will help your fender clearance problems.
    With 35's and you 700r4, a good gear choice would be 3.73, 4.10 or 4.56. If it will be daily driven and not much off-roading the stock gear ratio or 3.73's will get you along just fine even with wheelin.

    HTH!! :)

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    As far as hardware, the old hardware is probably fine as long as it isn't too rusted. However, the old U-bolts may not be long enough to fit around the new springs. Don't worry, though, most good lift kits will come with all new hardware. Make sure you get longer shocks with your kit. You may want to lower the Transfer case a bit after the lift: you can find info on how to do that easy mod by searching this board. Also, remember that gear changes are expensive, especially the labor. If you do need the gear change, consider swapping out your axles (I assume that you still have the 10-bolts) for 3/4 ton axles with the gear ratio that you need. The extra beef will be a real plus when running 35's. The axles are really more of an issue than the 700R4.

    What gears do you have now?

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