I need some TIRE HELP!!

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    OK...Like BLzr4x4ngkid , I am going to the same school as him and have no money...I needed 3 out of 4 tires..(I mean steel was comming out!)...So finally I got some money and went to get used 33's....There are only 4 used 33's in the whole city of Wichita and 3 are TSL Swampers...So I bought them for 45 a piece....Good condition, but the problem is that the swampers are Bias Ply? whatever...Anyway the tire guy said that with that one radial on there that the blazer will sit and drive funny. So now, I can't find a 4th swamper or something like it....I can't afford new ones....What do I do?....Do you guys know where I can find a used one or a cheap new one..I can return these I guess... Thanks Brian
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    You mix Bias and Radial and your not going to keep the truck on the road. I made that mistake once when I was a kid on a VW and first time I tried to turn I ran off the road. You don't need 1 tire you need 2 because you need to get the spare the same as the others.
    CK5 has a Tire and wheel for sale forum...I would dig through there and see what you can come up with. Off-road.com has a for sale forum also you can check.

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