I promise I'll drop it after this one:

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    This sorry b*tch is in the new again:

    Woman to be charged for G.I. hoax

    Friday, February 25, 2005

    The Daily Sentinel

    A Clifton woman will face a criminal charge after she invented a fictional husband in Iraq and garnered headlines when she said he died heroically.

    Sarah Kenney confessed she had made up the tale about her supposed husband, Jonathan Kenney, but not before she gained the benefit of months of public attention, Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger said.

    Charging her under Colorado’s criminal-impersonation statute will allow him to make sure that Kenney gets the mental-health treatment she needs, Hautzinger said. He won’t seek a prison term in the case, he said.

    Kenney, 24, said Thursday she hadn’t benefitted from the attention she got from the story, but said also she realized it was possible she might face criminal action in the case.

    “It’s sad, and it’s hard that it had to go to this height for me to say, ‘Whoa, Sarah!’” she said. “Maybe my family has been right all these years.”

    Kenney said she has approached Colorado West Mental Health for appropriate treatment and was awaiting information as to whether treatment would be covered under Medicare. She also was working to set up a release so her relatives could participate in her treatment, she said.

    Kenney said she didn’t benefit from her tale because it made her feel bad.

    “Yeah, I got attention, but the attention I got made me feel guilty inside,” she said.

    Hautzinger said he wouldn’t seek to have Kenney jailed, but would have a summons issued for her to appear in court.

    rest of article here: http://www.gjsentinel.com/news/content/news/stories/2005/02/25/2_25_1a_Kenney.html

    I know that I am
    so I will drop it now. It just gets me all twisted everytime I hear more about her sorry ass.
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    So WE can pay for her treatment??

    Wait I'll pay for it myself [dropping 12 gauge shell into envelope, addressing it to G. Junktion, sealing envelope, placing into mailbox].

    Ok, help is on the way. All you need to do is supply the dispenser and you're all set.

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