I responded to a 10-50 tonight....(the story of my night, kinda long)

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    For once, I was the first on the scene, which put me in command.

    Here's how it played out, starting from the alarm.

    "Bladen Central, Station 51, have report of a 10-50. Vehicle has struck a tree, possible 3 P.I.'s at this time. It's going to be on Hogwallow Road, cross street Pleasant Garden Road and NC 410. (repeat 1 time) WXTA 31 clear at 1905 hours."

    "5127 Bladen."


    "Bladen, 5127's 20 is Hogwallow Road. Will be able to advise momentarily."

    I called Central and informed them that I was 10-23 and had one P.I. at the time.

    After scoping out the scene a little more, I called Central again:

    "5127 Bladen."

    "5127, Go ahead."

    "Bladen, do you have law enforcement en route?"

    "10-4. HP has been advised."

    "10-4 Bladen. Can you get a County car en route 10-18 traffic?"

    "10-4. Advising at this time."

    I called for more law enforcement to the scene after smelling the alcohol in the air and the fact that only two of the 4 occupants were still around.

    Well, 512 (first out pumper) and 517 (crash truck) arrive on the scene shortly after, but really have no assignment, so the other members handle traffic control.

    HP (Highway Patrol) arrives shortly after the trucks, so things can get moving along. Before he arrived though, things fell apart. The driver, an african american female around 20 years of age, started cursing up a storm and saying that the passenger (the one P.I., or person injured) was walking around before I got on scene. I walked over and asked her to calm down repeatedly, but got no response. She continued to babble and swear.

    RED FLAG #1

    Before the officer could begin his interview, the driver informed everyone within 4 square miles that she had been drinking and that she was passing a car before she lost control in the sharp corner on the dirt road.

    RED FLAG #2

    When the Patrolman started doing his interview, it was discovered that the only proof of ownership of the vehicle was the "As-is" window sticker.

    RED FLAG #3

    As the Patrolman continued his interview, he spotted something underneath her jacket, which was laying on the ground beside where she was sitting. He asked, "What is that?" She responds, "What the f$ck are you talking about, pig?!" He ignores the response, reaches down, and snatches the object in question from the ground. It's the license plate from the car. He walks back toward his car to call in the plate.

    RED FLAG #4

    As soon as the officer turns away, the drunken and enraged driver reaches into her bag and retrieves a cell phone and a hand-held scanner, both of which she proceeds to throw into the woods.

    Fast forward a few minutes.....

    The officer returns, only to find the the driver's family has appeared. They are trying their best to calm the woman down who has, in the meantime, partially pissed all over herself.

    The officer looks at the girl, who is quick to say, "F$ck off, you tall skinny white bastard! I'm going to go take a piss." He says, "Ok. I'll be waiting." She walks off with her family to the poison ivy-infested woods and does her business. She returns and immediately plops back down on the ground, where she now attempts to finally put her boots on. She does a good job, but then she tries to put her hat on. The only problem is, she trying to put in on over her left foot. Her family takes it from her and two of her three bags. The third bag, she grabs as it is passing her. The bag rips open and out falls about a $600 video camera. She proceeds to pick it up and bash it into the ground five or six times, totally destroying it.

    The officer then walks back over to the girl and says, "Please come with me."

    She responds, "F$ck no, you racist redneck pig bastard!"

    He says, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

    "I ain't doing sh$t!"

    "The easy way, or the hard way?"

    "Man, I'll walk to the car my damn self. I don't need your f'in stupid ass to help me."

    She continues to sit on the ground and swear....

    He reaches down and grabs her arm to help her up to place her in handcuffs. She stands up, shrugs him off and starts yelling again. In the background, her family is pleading with her to cooperate and let him do his job. The officer reaches out again to handcuff her, to which she jumps back and continues yelling and swearing. Her mother is now in tears, pleading for her to cooperate.

    Again, the officer asks, "The easy way, or the hard way?"

    She calls him a couple of explicitives, referenced his mother to a female dog for ever having him, and calls upon the fury of Satan himself to forever damn this upstanding officer of the law.

    He has had enough. He proceeds to grab the woman's arm, does a typical academy trip maneuver, and jams the woman's face in the hard gravel road, while her mother exclaims, "You don't have to be like that!" Before he can detain her in cuffs, she proceeds to say that he is scared of this "5'6" black woman" and that she could whip his ass if he wasn't sitting on top of her. He installs the bandoliers and carts her off to the car.

    The excitement ends, and the truth is discovered.

    The initial count of the occupants was four. Two males ran off after the car struck the tree. The Sheriff's Deputies I called for picked them up about a mile down the road on their way to my location. All of the occupants were drunk. The one male passenger that was injured was transported to the hospital with internal, but minor injuries. The girl's two bags contained clothes and bathing essentials. She was running away from something. The scanner was recovered and found to be tuned to the Law Enforcement frequency. As for the license plate, the girl had ripped it off and both her and the P.I. were going to run, but a local drove by before they could. The license plate actually belonged on a car her father owns.

    She now sits in Bladen County Jail.

    "5127 Bladen."


    "Bladen, Everything here is 10-4. Command being terminated, 512, 517, and all other Bladenboro units are 10-8, 10-24, 10-17 back to Station 51."

    "5127, 10-4 at 2137 hours."

    I love being a volunteer fireman!
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    Sounds like a crazy night. I wish I had time to train and join the local VFD.
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    Just where in the hell did that guy go to cop school at???????????????????? :screwy:

    Anyway, as long as no people have been hurt; drunks can make the night fun. :D
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    LMAO.....thats gonna be my new sig line.

    When they have scanners in thier cars it really makes me wonder what exactly they were up too, or fixin to be into.

    The only people who will read this an probably understand it are cops an firemen...lol..... :D
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    That's great reading!!!:haha: :waytogo:
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    Thats a great story. Here's one

    I have one has to be about 20 years ago. We get called to a high rise in the Bronx. When we get there the cops have two I'm guessing 35-40 year old white males in custody. One is bleeding from the head, the other is pale no injuries but not looking too good, pale, sweaty now I would say diaphoretic, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. At any rate he collapses the medics are on him but he's gone.

    I ask the cop and he tells me they are gay lovers. They had a suicide pact. They would drink poison. One drank the poison the other changed his mind. The one who drank the poison decides he is not going to die alone and proceedes to try kill his lover. They get to the apartment house roof where he acquires a brick (NYC has tough gun control laws, ha ha) and tries to beat his beloved to death. The cops arrived and intervened. Ain't love grand.

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