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Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by Bubba Ray Boudreaux, May 14, 2002.

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    Ford today. This plain sucks. Started having beaucoup starting problem yesterday, so I got the K5 back into town. Today, I spent several hours getting everything I need for a battery cable swap since one had melted. Get everything hooked, had a small issue with the ground, then it was up and running better than ever.

    So I had to run to the closest uniform shop today to get ready for graduation next week. Pull into the stall, turn the key off and I hear a starter running. Oh sh*t, it's mine. So I pop the hood and yank the ground. Take care of business at the shop and plan out next course of action. Of course, the tool box of death is back at the house, so I run down to the closest parts store, grab a wrench, pliers, crimper, connector and go back. Redo the ground wire, hook the battery back up and the starter still is wanting to run. So I made the BellSouth call to AAA. That plain sucks.

    At least the tow guy was cool, he didn't charge me for going over the 7 mile free limit. In the end, the two wires on the starter was involved with each other and the starter is still alive.

    Now I get to come up with the cash to fix the tranny.
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    Glad to hear it was a simple (Ha Ha) fix......mike

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