IDK what to do nvm im going crazy

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 89K1500Chevy, Mar 1, 2004.

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    OK heres the skinny. I need to sale My 84 GMC 2wd Pick Up with the ZZ4 ho motor . I could sell it for 9-12,000 its got over 16K invested in it and my 01 Kawa 300 4wheeler for 2000. Now what id like to do is Swap the motor's in the trucks so my 4x4 Would have the ZZ4. I want to build the motor into the ZZ430 which is 385 fast burn heads/ GMPP Hot Cam / Gold 1.6 rockers = 430hp / 430tq then supercharge it and with TBI custom chipped and built up tbi unit.
    Then i would need to get the motor running in the blue truck and sell it for 5-8000.
    Or i could just sell the blue truck with the motor in it and build up that 400 small block i got for TBI and supercharger.
    Or just build up the 350 thats in the truck now.
    Im getting 2 sterlin 4 door cars for 500.00 from my dad and selling 1 keeping the other for DD.
    Ok this is what i plan to do with the truck the motor stuff is what i need advice on cuz i already have those.
    Future plans= 14 bolt semi floater rear with Mini Spool 4.10 gears then 4.10 gears in the ifs and somehow lock it also. Tube bumpers front and rear w/ winchs and rock sliders and Roll cage in bed/ cab and fender triming and run 36's mabey add a 6in suspenison lift. I really dont know if i should swap the motors or just build up the 350 already in the 4x4 or put the ZZ4 in there or build the 400 up ... /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif
    yea i was just thinking too much when i did that. Im just going to sell the blue truck like it is with the ZZ4 motor in it. /forums/images/graemlins/dunno.gif damn this sux.
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    hard to understand exactly what you have, want and what the question is. But, IMO, dont wheel anything with IFS and whatever engine you run, make sure it has good torque down in the lower rpms... race engines with mad power at 5k+ rpms are great, but they dont have much use on an offroad truck (unless you run mud drags I guess).


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