If It isn't one thing it is another(clutch ? this time)

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    If It isn\'t one thing it is another(clutch ? this time)

    well I tried to get the suburban moved to get allthe stuff off of it I need and the 3 ton bronze brick isn't moving. It has a sm465 and I have no clutch travel what so ever. It has a burnt clutch with some slippage. My brother adjusted it so it wouldn't slip so bad, but now I have nothing. I push in the clutch and it acts as if I'm not even pushing it in it just jumps forward and it is now stuck in granny. I'v adjusted the little adjustment on the clutch fork both ways, from all the way in to the middle to all the way out and it does the same thing, just lurches forward. What gives?????? I have the air tools out and ready to get things going but this put an end to my day.[​IMG][​IMG][Naw Just straight up P!SSED]

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